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Leadership in Motion

"Learn by Doing" builds communication, collaboration, and drives results.

TIAMAT Leadership offers one-of-a-kind, action-based leadership development programs that prepare your team to navigate challenges with confidence.

Direct, purposeful, and energizing learning experiences allow your team to discover and practice critical leadership behaviors that drive action and accelerate success. 

Say “no” to lecture-based, ‘death by powerpoint’ workshops and ineffective team building activities that are forgotten the next day. Get out of the conference room and unleash your team’s full potential.
We remember what we:
READ 20%
SEE and HEAR 50%
What we SAY and WRITE 70%
What we DO - a real experience! 90%

Courage to Lead™ Team Transformation Program 

This action-packed leadership experience is designed for teams who want to:

  • Drive results with greater focus and less stress. 
  • Improve communication and work as a unified team.
  • Face organizational challenge and change with greater confidence. 
  • Identify creative solutions to propel individual and team performance.
  • Power team productivity by tapping into the collective strengths of the team.
All team members walk away with hands-on, practical tools designed to resolve work challenges along with a customized action and accountability plan to achieve team goals. 
Program includes: 
  • Paddles and PFD (Personal Floatation Device)
  • Safety and paddle instruction and equipment
  • Certified Coach and experienced Steersman, certified in CPR / AED
  • Private team lunch
  • Water and snacks 

Location: Gig Harbor WA

Programs also available in Seattle and Tacoma WA, depending on boat availability.

Minimum # of Participants: 8 adults

What to Expect

Half- and Full-day programs include 3-6 month action and accountability planning to keep the momentum going.

TIAMAT Leadership visits you on your turf to better understand your team dynamics and identify team goals. This allows us to create a one-of-a-kind leadership performance experience, customized to your team. 

Now you’re on our turf. Includes an exciting and safe dragon boat paddling experience where your team will learn basic paddling skills and how to work as a team. Drill work is customized to your team and is designed to improve communication, clarity, collaboration, and confidence. Expect a low- to moderate-impact workout while exploring the beautiful waters of Puget Sound.

No prior paddling experience necessary.

Our clients say the ‘magic’ is in the team debrief. Take the experience of paddling into your unique work environment through a team debrief. Our time together focuses on reflection, observation, and experimentation as individuals and as a team. Your team will walk away with hands-on tools that can be incorporated into daily work routines immediately.

You’ve done the work on- and off-the-water. Critical to your team’s performance, productivity and morale is keeping the momentum going.

TIAMAT Leadership is back on your turf with 3- to 6-month planning and accountability check-ins to assess progress, enhance leadership skill building, and jump-start action to stay on track towards goals. 

88% of participants would recommend TIAMAT Leadership programs!


"Loved it! The parallel between the challenges we faced in the boat and the daily challenges we face as small businesses and leaders was spot on. Stay focused and eyes forward."

"Thanks for getting me out of my comfort zone and making me think about work issues from a different perspective. It forced me to let go of my control and trust others (good lesson!)"

"Where do I start? There were many "aha" moments throughout the paddling and debrief. The experiential pieces to me is what helped drive home the growth opportunities I have to work on."

"The team debrief after paddling is where the magic happens. The open discussion helped me to connect the paddling experience to my leadership and daily work challenges."
"I learned that the unknown can have amazingly positive impact on one's thought process!"

"I needed to remember the value each role adds to the success of the team. When I remember this, I am far more deliberate and efficient. I'm a stronger team member and we're a stronger team overall."

"Super organized, expectations were clear. Fun, vibrant group. Excellent coaching in the boat. I learned more from Jen in one hour than I learned in 20 sessions from others. Jen was skillful in making connections between the paddle experience and work/life experience."

"I liked and prefer experiential learning. It's easier to remember, faster to apply the principles than a lecture-only workshop, and a more natural way of connecting with others."

TIAMAT Leadership programs have advanced the careers of leaders in top companies, including Intel, Lands’ End, Wells Fargo, and Microsoft.


Limited spots available for 2019 - Book your team adventure today!

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